My artwork is the result of a lifetime of gathering. I take textures and shapes from nature, then reinvent and reorder them. I find images in dreams and archetypal mythology. I study plants, colors, and patterns of human movement. I incorporate synesthesia and allow myself a free hand with the exploration of images. A lot of my work is simply intuitive. For me, creating art is an offering to the collective human experience and a homage to the mystical and spiritual aspects of everyday life.

I’m inspired by the concepts of micro and macro as they relate to nature and to human consciousness. Repetition pulses through composition then changes into something new. Matter is balanced with nothingness. Dreams fascinate me, as does Jungian psychology and the concept of a collective unconscious. I’ve always had an active, vivid dream life, and images from dreams frequently find their way into my work. Through art, I seek to strengthen the links between different realities. 

I primarily use ink and gouache on large pieces of watercolor paper. Gouache has a seductive purity of pigment, and the precision of ink balances bold colors. Most of my paintings are fairly large – up to eight feet by ten feet. Working on this scale allows me to create a sense of atmosphere. On closer examination, however, my work is full of tiny detailed patterns that merge and shift and change.

The art I’ve made in the last few years is charged with emotion. It documents the alchemical process of personal growth, change and rebirth.