Why does creativity matter?

Everyone is creative in some way. Cultivating creativity in our lives is essential to achieving long-term success and happiness. When creativity is recognized and used in business, education, government, and interpersonal relationships, it positively affects productivity, innovation, achievement, and satisfaction. Creativity generates energy and momentum, both in oneself and others. It is essential in both leadership and team roles.

What is depth psychology?

Depth psychology refers to approaches to therapy that explore how the unconscious aspects of human experience can affect our lives and relationships. This branch of psychology was established by Carl G. Jung, but is rooted in mythology and culture. This field of study may include working with dreams, complexes, archetypes, and the imagination with the goal of increasing personal satisfaction, achievement, and finding greater meaning and happiness in life. 

What is Dream Tending?

Dream Tending is a creative way of working with imagery generated by the unconscious in order to enhance our lives and heal our wounds. Though working with dreams is an ancient custom in many cultures, this particular method was developed by Dr. Stephen Aizenstat. The method both respects and expands upon traditional dream work, making it profoundly relevant to our modern lives.

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How can you help me? 

As an artist and Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, I am traditionally educated both in fine art and psychoanalytic depth psychology. Pacifica Graduate Institute's Counseling Psychology program was voted best of its kind by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT) in 2017. I have extensive additional training in a variety of areas, including EMDR and Dream Tending. As a practicing professional artist with over 20 years of experience in the arts, I am passionate about creativity. My sessions, workshops, and classes are informed by all of these educational perspectives.