Jenessa Goodman founded The Peace Poster Project in 2016 as a fundraising effort to benefit charitable causes. She creates and sells original handmade posters and donates the proceeds to non-profit organizations. Each piece is unique, but all feature painting, drawing, and a silkscreened peace sign in the middle. Every poster is signed and stamped with Jenessa's personal seal. 

The Peace Poster Project is currently supporting The National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice, a non-profit organization that provides leaders dedicated to improving equality in the administration of justice for African Americans and other minorities. Their members consist of criminal justice professionals in law enforcement, institutional and community corrections, courts, social services, academia, religious and other community-based interests. The posters are currently available for purchase through Instagram handle @peace_poster_project, at or by contacting Jenessa directly through the contact page of this site. For more information about The Nation Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice please click here:

The Peace Poster Project has recently been featured by Lululemon and The Harbor House.